Sesame seeds health benefits :- These small seeds are full of qualities, include them in your diet in this way


Sesame Seeds Benefits: Apart from fruits, vegetables and grains, there are many other things which must be included in the diet to stay healthy. There are many such seeds in our kitchen, which not only enhance the taste of food but are also beneficial for health. Sesame seeds are one of these. Especially, sesame seeds are used in every Indian household during winter. All of us must have eaten sesame laddus made by our grandmothers or mothers at one time or the other. They are also used extensively in Korean food. Let us tell you that small sesame seeds are full of great properties. But it is very important to eat them in the right way and the right quantity. Apart from making their laddus, there are many ways to include them in the diet. Dietitian RadhikaGoyal is giving information about this. Radhika is a certified dietitian and nutritionist.

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Benefits of sesame seeds

  • Sesame seeds are very beneficial for health. 
  • These seeds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and iron.
  • Sesame seeds are very good for bones, digestion and heart.
  • They contain calcium and zinc in abundance. Therefore, women must include these seeds in their diet after the age of 30.
  • Their nature is hot. Therefore, these seeds are great, especially for winter.
  • Methionine is found in these. Because of this, these seeds are good for the liver and also control cholesterol levels.

The right way to include sesame seeds in the diet

  • If you have anaemia, lightly roast sesame seeds. Now grind them with milk or water.
  • You can also add a little jaggery to it. Drinking this will remove anaemia.
  • Using sesame oil for cooking is also a good option.
  • You can also make a dip by mixing it with garlic, lemon juice and salt. Which you can eat with vegetables.
  • You can blend sesame seeds in smoothies or eat them by sprinkling them on salad.
  • For hormonal imbalances and irregular periods, eat roasted sesame seeds with sunflower seeds.
  • Follow this seed cycle between 15-28 days of the period cycle.
  • You can eat 50 to 70 grams of sesame seeds daily. But for this, it is also important to pay attention to the weather, body nature and health condition.

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