September 2023 festival calendar: From Janmashtami to Ganesh Chaturthi, see the complete list of festivals falling in September!



The month of Bhadrapada, also known as Bhado, holds significant importance in the Hindu lunisolar calendar. During this holy month, the worship of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna is highly revered. Bhadrapada is the sixth month according to the Hindu calendar. Let us find out when this month begins and learn about the major festivals that fall during this time.

Bhadrapada month, or Bhado, comes after the month of Shravan. Worshiping Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna during this auspicious month is considered highly virtuous. In the year 2023, Bhadrapada month is starting from 1st September 2023, which is a Friday. The month includes important festivals and fasting days like Krishna Janmashtami, Hartalika Teej, Ganesh Chaturthi, Radha Ashtami, Anant Chaturdashi, and Bhadrapada Amavasya. Let us know about the major fasts and festivals that fall in this month:

Fasts and festivals in September:

2 September 2023: Kajri Teej

3 September 2023: Sankashti Chaturthi

7 September 2023: Krishna Janmashtami

10 September 2023: Aja Ekadashi 12 September 2023 : Pradosh

fast 2023: Ganesh Chaturthi 25 September 2023: Parivartini Ekadashi 27 September 2023: Pradosh Vrat 28 September 2023: Anant Chaturdashi 29 September 2023: Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat

The month of Shravan will end on 31 August 2023, Thursday. Bhadrapada month will begin on 1st September 2023, Friday, the first day of the lunar month. Many important festivals fall in this month.