Scrubbing can cause harm to the face, know what is the method!



We all make various efforts to keep our skin healthy, incorporating a variety of products into our daily skincare routine. Scrubbing is an essential part of this routine, which helps in removing dead skin cells and cleansing the skin.

However, excessive scrubbing or applying it too forcefully on the face can irritate the skin, resulting in problems like redness and swelling. Excessive exfoliation, or deep scrubbing, removes the skin's natural oils, potentially causing dryness and dehydration, which has adverse effects on your skin.



Frequent exfoliation can cause enlarged pores. Continuous scrubbing can increase the size of pores on your face, which can prove harmful to the skin.

It is important to note that while scrubbing is beneficial for clearing pores, excessive scrubbing can lead to breakouts. If you already have acne, this practice may make the condition worse.



Limit facial scrubbing to 2 or 3 times a week. If you have sensitive or dry skin, consult an expert for advice on choosing the right scrub for your skin type. Always tailor your exfoliation routine to your skin's specific needs.