Scientists warn : Covid-22 may come after Covid-19, will be more dangerous than delta variant

Scientists warn : Covid-22 may come after Covid-19, will be more dangerous than delta variant

The delta variant of the corona is believed to be the main reason for the increasing cases of infection worldwide. In all studies, scientists have described this variant of the corona as relatively contagious and deadly. The World Health Organization is also concerned about this variant. Meanwhile, in a recent study, scientists say that the havoc of Corona in the world does not seem to stop at the moment. More deadly variants of corona may emerge in the coming years. In this regard, an immunologist from ETH Zurich University in Switzerland has warned people about the super variant 'Kovid-22' of deadly corona from Kovid-19.

Scientists warn : Covid-22 may come after Covid-19, will be more dangerous than delta variant

Scientists say that people also need to be very careful about the possible latest dangers of the corona. The super variant of Corona, which is currently proving to be a big challenge for the world, can be more dangerous than the Delta variant of Corona. The vaccine alone cannot be relied upon to combat this potential super variant of the corona. Let us know in the next slides that scientists are alerting people about the other dangers related to the super variant.

How will it compete with the super variant?

Professor Dr. Sai Reddy, the immunologist of the university, says, keeping in mind this serious future threat, health organizations should start preparing from now. We may need a more powerful vaccine to compete with the super variant of Corona. At the same time, people who will not be able to get the vaccine by then can prove to be a potential super-spreader of Corona. It is feared that the super variant of the corona can easily dodge the immunity built up in the body, in such a situation that once again the risk of infection can be in all people. At the same time, for those who have not been vaccinated, the risk can be many times higher than today.

Scientists warn : Covid-22 may come after Covid-19, will be more dangerous than delta variant

can be more dangerous than delta

While alerting people about Kovid-22, the potential super variant of Corona, Dr. Sai Reddy says, the situation of Corona that we are facing now, Kovid-22 can be much more challenging than that. Along with competing with the Delta variant, we also have to be prepared for this serious challenge of the future. Dr. Reddy says, at present, the delta variant of Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world. Delta's viral load is so high that people who haven't been vaccinated or who become infected with the variant can be super spreaders. This is the reason why everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

It is important to protect children too

Regarding the risk of infection in children, Professor Reddy says, vaccination of all people means including children in it. Several studies have shown that there is no risk from vaccination in children under 12 years of age. In the cold season, cases of infection can increase once again. Before this, all governments will have to aim to vaccinate as many people as possible.

There is a need to be cautious about the super variant from now on

Regarding the super variant of the corona, Professor Reddy says, we need to develop such vaccines that are compatible with the new variants of corona that are constantly emerging. This can be the only solution for the time being to compete with Kovid-22. Studies are being done to know how deadly and contagious this new form of corona can be. For now, there is a need to be prepared to avoid this. Understanding that the corona is overdue to the reduction of corona cases can prove to be our biggest mistake. In the event of a super variant, such a mistake can have dire consequences.

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