Scientists warn: Because of this, Indian people are more prone to hypertension, know how to stay safe?


The cases of heart disease are increasing rapidly every year in the world. Health experts place the problem of blood pressure at the top of the major factors of heart disease. Especially the problem of high blood pressure is considered very harmful for health. Doctors say high blood pressure (hypertension) is such a condition that opens the door to the entry of all kinds of serious diseases into the body. High blood pressure is directly related to our vital organs like the heart, lungs, and brain, kidney, etc. If measures are not taken to treat or control this problem in time, then it also increases the risk of serious problems like heart attack and stroke.


According to health experts, blood pressure can be controlled easily by keeping the diet balanced and nutritious. People who have the problem of hypertension should reduce the amount of sodium i.e. salt in the food. Generally, many things found in the market are high in salt content, by keeping distance from these things, the problem of hypertension can be avoided. Let us know about this in detail in the next slides.

What to eat and what not to eat in hypertension?
The American Heart Association suggests all people have a healthy dietary pattern to avoid all the problems of hypertension and heart diseases. For this, the emphasis is on the consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, protein, and fish in the diet. Apart from this, people are advised to reduce their intake of trans fat, red meat, processed red meat, refined carbohydrates, and sugary beverages to avoid this serious health problem. Controlling the amount of sodium in the diet is of paramount importance, to avoid problems with blood pressure, everyone should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day.


Why is sodium considered harmful?
According to health experts, reducing the amount of salt or sodium in the diet can go a long way in controlling your blood pressure. In fact, the amount of sodium found in salt affects the balance of fluid in the blood. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who do not have blood pressure problems should consume 2,300 mg daily, while those who are suffering from blood pressure should not consume sodium in more than 1500 mg. Consuming homemade foods is more beneficial. Hypertension patients should keep a distance from the things being discussed in the following slides.

What are the things to avoid in hypertension?
According to health experts, people who have the problem of hypertension should keep the diet very balanced and take special care of the amount of sodium in the food. Such people should stay away from things like pizza and sandwiches, which are high in sodium, which can increase your blood pressure level. Apart from this, Chips, Namkeen, and many other types of packaged food items can also be harmful to you.

Per capita sodium intake in India is high
In a 2006 study conducted by The University of New South Wales, Sydney, researchers reported that people in India consume more salt. Recent data on salt intake levels in India suggest that per capita sodium intake is around 11 grams per day, which is more than 5 grams per day recommended by the WHO. On this basis, experts say that if salt intake is not reduced in India in time, there may be a huge jump in the number of heart patients in the coming decade.

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