Sandalwood Benefit: Include sandalwood in skin care routine, face will glow in old age..


Skin Care Tips: Aging is such a process of life, which no one can stop. There are many such changes in growing age, which are visible on the skin. Everyone is troubled by the problem of wrinkles, looseness of the skin, and acne. To get rid of it, people go to the parlor and spend thousands of rupees. To get rid of these problems, expensive beauty products are also available in the market. Sometimes they show good effect, but sometimes it is seen that their effect is opposite. In such a situation, people are now leaning towards home remedies.


In today's article, we will tell you about such a thing, using which your face will start glowing even in old age. After using this, your skin will look young. We are talking about sandalwood. Since ancient times, sandalwood has been used to enhance the beauty of the face. Even in today's time, you can easily use it daily.

Will stop aging
If you use sandalwood regularly then the dead cells of your skin will end. Along with this, the use of sandalwood also keeps the skin hydrated, due to which the skin does not remain dry. Using sandalwood also removes the problem of fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin glow.

Use with honey
If you apply sandalwood mixed with honey, then you will get rid of the spots on the skin. You can also apply it on your hands and feet along with your face.

The face pack will glow
If you make a sandalwood face pack and apply it to your face, you will get a natural glow. Using this will bring back the glow of your face.


Will get relief from acne
Using sandalwood gives instant relief for problems like pimples, and rashes. The anti-inflammatory present in it also removes the problem of sunburn from the skin.
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