Salad Benefits: Salad is a treasure of nutrients, know its benefits..


For good health, along with yoga and exercise, your diet is also necessary to be balanced. For this, people like to consume salad in their diet. Salad is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, potassium, zinc, and sodium. Some people consider salad very boring which can be made fun of by preparing it differently every day with the help of different vegetables. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you how the consumption of salad works to improve your health and when and how it should be consumed. Let's know about it...


Beneficial for eyes
Salad is also very beneficial for the health of the eyes. Many types of vegetables are added to the salad, which are rich in vitamins A, C. Spinach is rich in Vitamin C, A. Carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and red capsicum also contain all these antioxidants along with vitamin A. Spinach, lettuce, carrots are best for the eyes. To avoid the damage caused by free radicals, it is necessary to consume salad.

Have a good sleep
It has been proved in a lot of research that has been done so far that if you eat salad regularly then it can remove your insomnia ie insomnia problem and you can get good sleep. Lettuce, a vegetable used in salads, contains an element called lactucarium which is known to increase sleep. If you include a salad in your daily diet, then the problem of insomnia can be overcome.


Lose weight
Being overweight and obesity has become a common problem today. Fat people want to get rid of it by any means. Salad can be a good diet to get rid of obesity and to control weight. It is rich in nutrients and has low calorie content. Also, eating it keeps the stomach full for a long time. Thus, by reducing appetite and energy consumption, it can help in reducing and controlling weight.