Rock Salt Benefits: WHO termed this salt as harmful, is rock salt really beneficial?


Salt Uses: WHO recently released a report regarding the consumption of salt. WHO described the use of salt as a matter of concern for the whole world. It was revealed in the WHO report that every person in the whole world is consuming 10.8 grams of salt every day, while it should be brought down to 5 grams. The salt that is being used now. He is not at all well in terms of health. Even in India, white salt is consumed indiscriminately. Usually, white salt is used in homes in India. Rock salt is used in fasting. Today let's try to know whether the rock salt used in fasting is beneficial.


Beneficial in anxiety
Rock salt works to keep the brain active. Serotonin and melatonin work to control hormones through their use. Consuming this gives a lot of relief to anxiety.

Reduce hypertension
Ordinary salt works to raise blood pressure. Doctors recommend reducing white salt. And rock salt works to control blood pressure. This keeps BP under control. Cholesterol remains better.

Eliminates sore throat
Since Kovid, people have been facing the problem of sore throat. There is also pain or swelling in the throat. Adding rock salt in lukewarm water and gargling gives a lot of relief to the throat.


Improve upset stomach
Generally, due to poor diet, there are problems related to the digestive system. Rock salt can be very beneficial for such people. The nutrients present in it benefit the intestines and other organs. At the same time, there is relief from problems like acidity, and constipation.