Risk Of Air Pollution: Hundreds of children are losing their lives every day in India!


Risk Of Air Pollution: The air we breathe today has less oxygen and more toxic elements. Due to this, hundreds of children are losing their lives every day in India.


According to a shocking report by the State of Global Air (SoGA) 2024, 464 children die every day in India due to air pollution every year. The report states that fine particles found in the air called PM2.5, which are so small that they can go directly into the lungs, are the main cause of death due to air pollution in India.

These particles can lead to fatal diseases like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases. The highest number of children who lose their lives due to air pollution are children below 5 years of age.

Became the biggest cause of death

According to research, air pollution has overtaken tobacco and diabetes as the leading cause of death, behind only high blood pressure.

These cities are more dangerous

According to the report, air pollution levels in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru are several times higher than the safe limits set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), making them the most dangerous cities for children.

One in every four deaths in 2021 was in India

According to the report, air pollution-related diseases and disorders killed 8.1 million people worldwide in 2021, with one in four deaths occurring in India.

Air pollution becomes Yamraj for children

According to this report, prepared for the first time in collaboration with UNICEF, children under the age of five are particularly vulnerable. Especially those children who are victims of low birth weight, asthma, and lung diseases.