Rice Flour Scrub: How to make rice scrub? At what time should it be applied on the face?


We should take care of our skin as well as the whole body. Keeping this in mind, we also get a little confused. There are many skin care products available in the market. We get confused just by seeing these things. We wonder what exactly we should be using. Then we start searching on the Internet. Similarly, while searching on the internet, we have often seen that rice is very good for our skin. How to apply it

A certain time of scrubbing

To keep the skin clean and beautiful, the skin has to be taken care of in every way. Step-by-step care like facial, scrubbing, and toning has to be done. There are many scrubbings available in the market. But this rice secret of Korean people has now spread all over the world. Seeing their skin now everyone wants to get such skin. There is a fixed time for scrubbing. If it is not scrubbed at that time, the desired result is not achieved. The scrub can be made at home using rice flour.

What to do if you have oily skin?

After waking up in the morning, the pores of the skin are open. Time should be taken care of while scrubbing. Scrub should be done in the morning. The most important thing is not to scrub for more than 5 to 10 minutes. If there are pimples on the skin, do not scrub at all. If your skin is oily then you do not need to scrub. In this case, avoid it. Scrubbing is a must while following a skincare routine.


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Rice flour and aloe vera

Take 3 spoons of rice flour in a bowl and add aloe vera to it. If you do not have aloe vera leaves, then mix its gel. After that apply it on the skin, even massage it all over the body and you will see the difference.

Rice flour and milk

Take 2 tbsp each of rice flour and milk in a bowl. Apply this scrub on the face and massage in a circular motion. This will give a nice glow to the face.