Rice Benefits: Know here, rice water is of great use, do not throw it as useless


Rice Water Benefits: Vegetables and chapatis are prepared every day at home. A large number of people in the country are fond of eating rice. Whether they get bread or not. Just get rice to eat. In many states of the country, rice is seen as the main food. Whenever rice is cooked. They are first washed. After washing the water is filtered. Generally, people throw this water considering it useless. But do you know that the water you are throwing away considers rice useless? He can be a very hard worker. Will try to know the benefits of this.


How to massage babies
Rice water is also very beneficial for the health of children. Mix light rice, ghee and salt in rice water. Mash it well and feed it to the child. It works to balance the electrolyte in the body. The body also gets energy.

Can clean glass
Rice water can also be used to clean glass. For this, mix baking soda and salt in rice water. This cleans the glass well.

Useful in the laundry too
Rice water is also useful in cleaning clothes. If there are spots that are not getting removed. They are released by using Vachal. This does not cause any harm to the fabric.


Starch is found in rice
A lot of starch is found in rice. Because of this, the body also gets energy from it. Mixing salt, ghee and black pepper in rice water and eating it is very beneficial.