Remedies for Sun Tan: If you also have the problem of tanning due to sun exposure, then you can get rid of it in a week by using these fruits and vegetables.



The vitamin C and antioxidant properties present in lemon are very effective in dealing with sun tanning. Along with increasing the glow of its skin, it also gets rid of dead skin cells. So you can apply its juice directly on the face or apply it by mixing it with cucumber and rose water. Both methods are beneficial.


are rich in Vitamin-C, K, B-5 ​​and B6. Using this can also get rid of tanning in one to two weeks. Not only this, but strawberries also work to remove dead skin cells. Its effects are further enhanced by mixing it with milk.


Tomato juice gives relief from tanning. By the way, with its daily use, the complexion of the face also improves.

Aloe vera

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties present in aloe vera are helpful in removing tanning and also cool the skin. So you sleep by applying it on your face every night, wash your face in the morning and if you are applying it during the day, keep it for at least an hour.

After potato

tanning, cut potatoes into pieces or extract the juice and apply on the face and hands, and feet. This is also a very old tried and effective recipe.