Religious Tips: Install this special Shivalinga found in the Himalayas at home, happiness and prosperity will double!


According to Vaastu science, the things kept around us and in the house have an impact on us in some way or the other. That is why we should take care of things related to Vaastu for the happiness and peace of our home so that our lives can be happy. If we talk about Shivling made of crystal, then this Shivling is considered very auspicious for the house, due to its effect our planetary defects are eliminated.


Importance of crystal Shivling in the scriptures
Gopal says that this Shivalinga made of crystal is in great demand. This is a precious gem, which is found in ice glaciers. The crystal found in the Himalayas is considered the best. Talking about the scriptures, Shivling made of crystal is considered the best, which can be easily worshiped at home. Also, the Shivalinga situated in Rameshwaram is also a Shivalinga made of crystal, which was established by Lord Rama. At the same time, he says that these days, along with crystal, glass Shivlingas are also available in the market, which look exactly like the crystal Shivlingas, but one should be careful while buying them. You can easily detect rhinestones with the machines available in shops.


Benefits of Crystal Shivalinga
Crystal Shivalinga maintains happiness and prosperity in the house and protects us from bad effects in life. Worshiping Crystal Shivalinga on the day of Mahashivratri is considered very auspicious. Not only this, the energy of Crystal Shivalinga has so much power that just by keeping it at home, your entire house will be purified. By installing this Shivling in the worship place of your home or office, there is never any shortage of money in life.