Religion Tips : Do this remedy in Chaitra Navratri, you will get monetary benefits


This year Chaitra Navratri is starting on March 22 and it will end on March 30. By trying some special astrological remedies this Navratri, the economic condition of the house will remain good. Let us know about some special astrological measures to be taken on Chaitra Navratri.

Performing mother's aarti with clove camphor for nine days during Navratri can bring economic benefits. Offering vermilion to different forms of Goddess Durga during Navratri will create wealth

Offering rice pudding to Mata Lakshmi during Navratri will bring happiness and prosperity to the house. Performing Havan with mango wood on Navami Tithi will keep the economic condition good.

Offering 5 hibiscus flowers to mothers in Navratri and keeping them in a purse will not lead to a shortage of money.