Religion News : Nine forms of Maa Durga


Mother Parvati is also called Shailputri because she is the daughter of Parvatraj Himalaya.

Mother Parvati had done severe penance for years to get Lord Shiva, hence the mother was known as Brahmacharini.

The half-moon-shaped tilak sits on the forehead of the goddess, hence she is also known as Chandraghanta.

The goddess has the power to generate the universe and she contains the universe within her from the abdomen to the egg, hence Matarani is known as Kushmanda

Mother Parvati is the mother of Kartikeya and one of the names of Kartikeya is also Skanda, hence she is called the mother of Skanda i.e. Skandamata.

To destroy Mahishasura, Brahma, and Vishnu, Mahesh created a goddess by giving a part of their glory, this goddess was first worshiped by Maharishi Katyayan, hence she was known as Katyayani.

The seventh form of Maa Bhagwati is called Kaalratri, Kaal means crisis, which has the power to end all kinds of crises, that is Mata Kaalratri.

When the complexion of the mother turned black due to harsh penance, then Shiva washed her body with the holy water of the Ganges, then her body became extremely radiant like an electric light, since then she was named Mahagauri.

She is called Siddhidatri because she is the goddess who gives all her achievements to her devotees.