Religion News: Famous Shaktidham of Madhya Pradesh


Sharda Mata Temple located at Maihar in Satna district is one of the 52 Shaktipeeths in the country.

There is a very ancient temple of Maa Harsiddhi in Ujjain, the city of Mahakal. According to Devi Purana, the parts of Goddess Sati fell here.

There is a temple of ancient Vindhyavasni Bijasan Devi on an 800 feet high hill in Salkanpur of Sehore. The fame of this temple has spread far and wide.

There is a famous temple of Maa Baglamukhi, the goddess of Rajpat in Datia district.

From common people to big politicians come to visit Pitambara Peeth. The idol of the goddess located in the temple is about 1000 years old.

This Kalchuri carpet temple is the center of faith of lakhs of devotees.

There are ancient temples of Maa Chamunda and Tulja Bhavani on Tekri in the Dewas district. It is said that drops of blood of Goddess Sati had fallen here.

Mata of Ratangarh is sitting on the Vidhyanchal mountain in Datia. Many stories of miracles are famous about this temple.

This is considered to be the oldest temple of Indore. It was built in the 9th century using a combination of Indo-Aryan and Dravidian architectural styles.