Relationship Tips: You are not even aware, in these 5 ways your phone is ruining your relationship!


Mobile Phone Is Killing Relations: The use of mobile phones is important but excessive use can create rifts in relationships. But if technology is used with a little caution, then it can also prove helpful in making the relationship better and stronger. 

In today's time, it has become very difficult to save your relationship or maintain its strength over time. Earlier, a third person used to be the reason for the deterioration of the relationship between two people. But in today's time, phones and social media have also become a threat to the relationship.

The fact cannot be denied that mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. From important information to entertainment, everything is just a click away. While this phone works to bring people closer even when they are far away, in today's time, relationships are becoming hollow.   

How do phones weaken relationships?

1. We keep checking our phones even when we are with our loved ones - whether there is a new message or a new post. We don't think much about it but this habit makes the other person feel lonely, which can lead to resentment and distance in the relationship.

2. When our eyes are fixed on the phone screen, we are not able to give time to our partner. By doing this, even if we are with someone, we are not really together. In such a situation, emotional detachment gradually starts happening and the relationship breaks.

3. It is common to feel jealous of others' perfect-looking lives on social media, which can lead people to make the mistake of ruining their relationships. It is important to develop an understanding that everyone's life is different. 

4. The biggest reason for misunderstanding between two people in a relationship is the phone. Whether it is a message or a call, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the feelings and tone. Because of this, people create a story in their mind that the other person is not aware of. Then the problem in the relationship begins.

5. Earlier couples used to spend time together by roaming around and talking. Now mobile has become the center of everyone's attention. Due to this the quality time between couples is decreasing and the relationship is getting weaker.

How to save relationships

If you want to save your relationship, keep the phone away from the dining table or bedroom. Take out special time to talk to your partner. Keep the phone in silent mode so that you don't get distracted by every notification. Listen to your partner carefully and understand their feelings.