Relationship Tips: What is the reason for delusion?


What is Delusionship: Delusionship is a mental condition in which a person starts having delusions about his real life. If this happens in a relationship, then the person falls in love with someone and later he starts feeling that his crush also loves him equally. That means love might be being reciprocated, but in reality, this is not the case at all.


What is the reason for delusion?

A sensibleor logical person will never fall into delusion, because he will easily understand that his attraction or love towards a person is one-sided, that is, there is no guarantee of getting the same response from the other person. Delusionship happens only to those people who are unable to differentiate between reality and delusion and then start dreaming unnecessarily.

Disadvantages of Delusionship

1. Difficulty in accepting the truth

If a person lives in delusion for a long time, it becomes difficult for him to believe that he is living in a world of dreams, all his dreams start seeming true to him. However, he is unable to pay attention to what is happening in real life. It is bound to incur losses.

2. Effect on mental health

The consequences of delusion can be bad, because when you do not get as much love back from your crush as you love him/her, then this situation turns into stress. You are aware that tension is the root of many diseases and problems.

3. Fear of harming yourself

When a person is unable to accept the delusion and faces the truth after a while, he can harm himself, in many cases, people even commit suicide after falling in one-sided love. Which is a dangerous situation.

4. Feeling jealous

When the person you like starts loving someone else, or his marriage gets fixed, then falling into delusion, you start feeling jealous of that person and then you can try to harm him.