Relationship Tips: What Is Benching!

Benching In Relationships: You must be hearing about Benching in Relationships a lot these days, but do you know its real meaning? Let us try to understand about it in detail.


What Is Benching: The times are changing very fast, hence a lot of changes are being seen in our relationships also. Many new terms are being invented in relationships, like situations, orbiting, cuffing, etc. One such term is being discussed a lot these days which is being named 'benching'. Before getting into any relationship, know what 'benching' is. And the person you are liking is not keeping you in this category.


What does 'benching' mean?

A video of a social media influencer (Lovely Sharma) is going viral these days in which she says, "I have just heard that a thing called 'benching' has started happening. Be it a boy or a girl, she is with a He is committed and keeps one in backup. He is my best friend who will come if you go. That is, he has kept people sitting on the bench.

disadvantages of benching

Usually, the best friend is kept in benching, that is, if the lover cheats or breaks up, then only the closest friend can be replaced. Many times, best friends keep waiting for the boy or girl to separate from their lover and take his/her place. But benching has its disadvantages which cannot be ignored.

1. Uncertainty

The worst thing for those living in the benching category is that there remains uncertainty about their relationship, will they also be able to move away from the 'bench' and join the main relationship? Sometimes you remain on the bench forever and your crush becomes someone else's for life.

2. Lack of commitment

Your crush is wary of committing because the option is still open for him/her, so he/she will never tell you that he/she wants lifelong companionship. This means that you will not be able to say anything with certainty about your relationship.

3. Inferiority Complex

In such a relationship, you will start having an inferiority complex and lack of confidence in yourself, wondering, 'Am I not worthy of this relationship?', 'Why is he better than me?', 'Will I ever be able to become someone's priority?' ?' etc.