Relationship Tips: Know How to identify delusions!


Signs You are in a Delusionship: You must have heard about many terms related to relationships, but do you know what a delusionship is? Are you not facing such a situation? So let us answer this question of yours. 


What is Delusionship?

Delusion is a mental condition in which a person imagines romantic feelings for his crush, but in reality, he/she is not anyone's love partner. In this, you start daydreaming, fantasizing about the person you like, start copying the behavior of the other person without understanding him/her. Many times you do not know that person personally or never interact with him/her, but you have excessive emotions for him/her.

How to identify delusions?

1. One-sided love

Delusions start with one-sided love, then slowly a person starts considering his crush as a part of his life. He starts thinking in his mind that the person in front of him is made for him only, he cannot be anyone else's. If you are also in such a situation, then you will start talking to yourself and start considering a relationship that does not exist as real.

2. Difficult to accept the truth

When a person is in a relationship based on delusions, it becomes difficult for him to accept the truth. He cannot believe that the person he loves does not have the same feelings in his heart. He has to understand that positive results will not come out just by thinking.

3. Feeling jealous

When you live in delusions, you start feeling very jealous of the person who comes close to your crush or has a love relationship with him/her. This jealousy can increase many folds after his/her marriage. When that person is not yours, then there is no point in being jealous.