Relationship Tips: If your partner starts behaving like this, then understand that you are being used, keep distance in time


Love is a beautiful feeling and partners want to do anything to make each other happy. But, if the partner starts putting some condition on it, then there is a need to be careful because it is possible that your partner has made you his own just to use or there is no love in the relationship. Many people pretend to love to fulfil their meaning in the relationship. Such people use some methods to go away (Love And Relationship Tips) when their mind is full so that they can get separated easily. In such a situation, you can understand this thing with these gestures.


Meet or talk at your convenience
Such partners find an opportunity to talk or meet at the beginning of the relationship and move away after the meaning is out. In such a situation, when the boyfriend meets or talks to you according to his comfort, then understand that he is using you.

Blame for everything that goes wrong
In a good relationship, partners do not impose the responsibility for each other's mistakes on each other but rectify that mistakes through dialogue. But, if your partner holds you responsible for every wrong thing, then understand that it is not right for you.

Do your own thing
Apart from this, many times it happens that the partner starts running his will on you. In such a situation, when the partner imposes his/her wishes on you and does not follow your wishes, it may also happen that your partner wants to go away from you.

Nagging about marriage
If you are in a relationship for a long time and now want to get married. But, even after being in a relationship for a long time, if your partner gets irritated when you talk about marriage, then it may happen that he does not want to marry you.


Don't give you time for friends
If your boyfriend often cancels plans with you for friends, it may also happen that your partner has lost interest and wants to stay away from you.