Relationship Tips: If you have got engaged, do these things with your fiance, the new relationship will be strong...


Relationship Tips: The season of marriage and engagement is going on. There is an engagement ceremony before the wedding. After which the life of every boy and girl changes completely. Many types of responsibilities fall on them. With responsibilities comes a lot of fear. You can talk about this fear only with your future partner. Before sharing your mind, you must first know your partner well.


You can find out their nature by talking to your partner during the time between engagement and marriage. Along with this, these days you can find out how your partner's behavior will be after marriage. In the time between engagement and marriage, if you clear some things in advance, then your married life will be very good. Let us tell you about these things so that there is no problem in your married life.

Talk about responsibilities
After the engagement, you should talk openly with your partner about family and relationships. It should be decided in advance who will have to fulfill what responsibility in the future. This will be very easy after marriage.

Talk about adjustments
Before marriage, the couple should also talk about the adjustment. Along with your problems, tell your mind openly to your partner.

Talk about career
This topic is very important for girls. Even today in many places girls are not allowed to do jobs after marriage. Because of this a lot of trouble starts. To avoid this, make this final in advance.

Do family planning
After a few days of marriage, the family members start demanding the child. In such a situation, decide this thing beforehand with your partner. Family planning is also very important in today's time.


Decide to take responsibility for parents
In today's time, girls also help their parents. In such a situation, they should talk about it openly with their partner beforehand. So that there is no problem later.
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