Relationship Tips: A wife should do this work secretly from her husband!


Relationship Tips For Wife: Sudha Murthy always shares tips on relationships. By following her thoughts, you can strengthen your relationship as well as maintain your identity in it.


N R Narayana Murthy, who started Infosys, would never have been able to do it without the help of his wife Sudha Murthy. As much credit is given to Narayana Murthy for bringing the IT company to India, his wife has an equal share in it.

Why should this happen? The answer to this was given by Sudha Murthy herself, who appeared on Kapil Sharma's show some time ago. She said that when her husband was thinking of starting a company, he did not have much money at that time. Then Sudha Murthy helped him with the money saved from household expenses. 

Save money without telling your husband.

While sharing this incident, Sudha Murthy appealed to every woman sitting in the audience to save money by hiding it from their husbands.

Why is it necessary to save secretly?

You should never tell anyone about your savings. By doing this, there is a possibility of that money getting spent quickly. Especially when men know that there is money in the house, they are very anxious to spend it.  

Will be able to support husband

It is not necessary to work to support the husband financially. Women can also save money from the money given to them for running the house by being sensible. And if needed, they can support their husband with this money.

Respect increases in the husband's mind.

Only a skilled woman has the skill to save money even with a low income. Such women get a lot of respect from their husbands.