Relationship Tips: 5 signs that you are dating a green flag partner!


Is Your Partner Right For You: How to know if he/she is the right partner for you? Before moving forward in the relationship, it is important to pay attention to some signs. These tell that you are with someone good for you. Let's know about 5 such signs:


Respect and trust

The foundation of any relationship is based on respect and trust. In such a situation, if your partner respects your opinions, supports your decisions, and trusts you completely, then you are dating a great person.

Open conversation

If you can communicate openly with your partner, and you can share any of your problems or happiness without any hesitation, then your partner is perfect for you.   

Positivity and support

If your partner celebrates your successes and supports you in difficult times. He accepts your shortcomings and helps you to become better, then you can spend your entire life with him. 

Honesty and transparency

Your partner is honest with you and there are no secrets between you two. If he does not hide anything from you then you are dating a green-flag partner.

respects you

Your partner never insults you or makes you feel small. He respects your choices and accepts you the way you are, so you will not find a better partner than him.