Relationship: some such signs which show that you are trying to see your future in the wrong relationship!


Everyone knows this saying that love is blind, but to avoid heartbreak, it is important to walk in a relationship with your eyes open. So that you can understand your partner better, and see the shortcomings of the relationship which are a red flag, ignoring which moving ahead means sadness and pain.


Here we are telling you about some such signs which show that you are trying to see your future in the wrong relationship.

Ignoring your likes and dislikes

Mutual respect and understanding are very important in a healthy relationship. If your partner constantly ignores your likes and dislikes, doesn't take your opinion into account in decisions, or doesn't take what you say seriously, then this is a red flag. 

jealousy and control 

A little jealousy is necessary in a relationship. But if your partner keeps an excessive eye on you, restricts your interactions with friends, or comments on your appearance, you are dealing with a toxic person. Everyone needs their own space, and trust is a must in a relationship

try to change you 

Love requires acceptance. If your partner constantly tries to change you, wants to change your likes and dislikes, or underestimates your specialties, then it is not a good sign for the relationship. 

Abusive Behaviour 

Abuse, disrespectful behavior, or hand-picking should not be tolerated in any relationship. Respect is most important in love. If your partner insults you or intimidates you, then it is better to stay away from such a relationship.

No plans

In a healthy relationship, partners do not shy away from talking about plans together. In such a situation, if your partner is not serious about the relationship, does not make any plans, or does not try to understand your feelings, then it raises questions about the strength of the relationship.