Relationship: Do you feel lonely even when you are with your partner? These could be the reasons..


Loneliness In Relationship: When two people enter into a relationship with love, faith, and the courage to stand by each other in every situation, along with the joys of life, some challenges also come along. One of these is feeling lonely even while in a relationship. Yes, many times with time it is felt that the emotional attachment in the relationship is decreasing and loneliness has started dominating the relationship. There can be many reasons for this. However, if there is a communication gap between you, then this can be the biggest reason for loneliness. Come, let us tell you what is the reason for loneliness in a relationship and how you can get rid of such problems.


Communication gap
Mutual conversation is such a medium with the help of which two people can share their feelings, problems, and happiness. It is very important to overcome loneliness. But it depends on how you talk to each other. If you are talking with tension, anger, or irritation, then it can increase the distance and become the reason for loneliness.

Lack of companionship
If both of you are working and do not spend time together, then it can become a major reason for increasing the distance, which is also the reason for loneliness. In such a situation, despite the physical separation, if you make each other realize that you are always together, then it does not let you feel lonely even after the distance. While the experience of loneliness is natural for not doing so.

  Intimacy problem
If the spark has been lost in your relationship, then it is normal to feel a lack of connection and affection. This can become a major reason for loneliness. That's why intimacy plays a big role between couples, which works to keep them away from loneliness.

  win-win feeling
If you are having negative feelings like victory or defeat regarding your career, family, or anything, then it can also make you lonely and you cannot feel normal or attached to your partner even if you want to.

Separation of needs
If couples take care of their own needs and do not care about the needs of their partner, then it leads to emotional distance between them and leads to loneliness.


Remove loneliness like this
-Write down your and your partner's needs and keep getting information about it by asking.
-To improve the relationship, talk to yourself and consider the growing negativity inside you.
-Spend a good time with your partner at least once a day.
-Start telling your needs and ask and listen to the needs too.
-Together, make some goals in life and try to fulfill them together.
-Make the partner feel good and feel that you still need them.