Relationship: Deal with your relationship like this after marriage, otherwise there will be a rift in the relationship...


How To Improve Your First Year Of Married Life: The first year of marriage is thrilling, but the challenges are no less than them. Some people very cleverly accept these challenges and balance their life ahead, while for some people this situation is full of suffocation. They find themselves unable to mold themselves into new things. According to Verywellmind, the first year of marriage is life-changing and one of adapting and adjusting to new rules. It depends on you how quickly you adapt to things and play new roles while helping each other. Research has found that the first two years of your marriage matter so much that it can even predict your chances of getting divorced two decades later. So let us know what the things we need to keep in mind in the first year.


keep these things in mind
-don't get too drunk
-No emotional or physical abuse
-It is not right to be afraid of struggle
- have fun together
- respect each other
-Don't let the lack of romance and intimacy hold you back
-Spending more on yourself or your partner
-Selfish behavior is dangerous
-Do not depend too much on parents
-Don't expect too much from each other

Set priorities for the first year like this
Avoid money conflicts: Decide in advance how you will spend the money. Know that the more honest you are, the less conflict you will have.

List of household chores: Divide the household chores fairly so that there is no tension between you about work. Keep revising your work from time to time.

Ways to spend free time: It is necessary to spend this year together as much as possible. In such a situation, decide beforehand what you will do in your free time. In such a situation, spend quality time with as many partners as possible.

  Intimacy is important: It is also very important to maintain intimacy with each other. In such a situation, considering the busyness of each other's life, understand the emotion of the partner and fulfill the needs of your relationship.

The limit should be set with in-laws: As far as your in-laws are concerned, talk to your spouse about this. Also, try to understand whether it is affecting your or their family relationship. Handle the situation calmly and with a smile.


Understand the differences: There may be a world of difference between your views and beliefs with your partner's. Understand and respect these differences. Avoid differences.