Recipe- Vermicelli Kheer is very tasty, note down the recipe!



Many people are fond of eating sweets and are always looking for new sweet foods. Today we have brought the recipe of Vermicelli Kheer for you. Anyway, just hearing the name of Kheer makes the mouth water. Today we have brought this recipe for you.


1 liter milk

70 grams vermicelli

100 grams sugar

7-8 chopped almonds

10 raisins

1 tablespoon desi ghee

5 crushed cardamoms

1 clove


pc:life berries


-First of all, take a saucepan and heat milk in it on low flame.

When the milk starts boiling, add vermicelli and cloves to it.

Then let them boil well. Boil it until the vermicelli and milk mixture becomes thick.

-It will take about 15 minutes for it to thicken. When the milk thickens well, take out the cloves.

Now add sugar to the kheer and let it boil again on low flame.

After boiling the kheer for about 2 minutes, turn off the flame.

Then add chopped almonds and raisins to the kheer and mix well.

Then add half a spoon of desi ghee and crushed cardamom to the kheer and mix well.

-Vermicelli Kheer is ready. You can serve it hot. Alternatively, you can also eat it by cooling it in the fridge for 2 hours.