RECIPE: Variyali Sharbat will save you from heat and heat, this is the recipe


The summer season has started and if you want to avoid heat stroke, then you can drink some such drink that will save you from the heat and keep your body cool. You can make Variyali Sharbat which is very famous in Gujarat.

It is made with fennel and sugar and this syrup gives you many other benefits along with heat and keeps your digestion right.


How to make

  • To make Variyali syrup, first, soak the fennel, then do not use big fennel, after this the fennel gets wet, then grind the seeds and make a paste.
  • After this add sugar and grind it, you can drink it even in case of cough and cold. Now if you grind fennel and dried sugar, water will start coming out. Grind it on a grater.
  • Then you filter it with a sieve and take out all the juice of the fennel in a glass.
  • Your Variyali syrup is ready