Recipe: Try Rabdi Malpua on Holi, apart from this also try these recipes!


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Have you ever tasted Malpua? If not then you should definitely try it this Holi. Making Malpua is very easy. The easiest Malpua can be made in just 30 minutes. You have to mix flour, semolina, and maida with dry fruits and sugar. Then add baking powder to it, ferment it, and make it. But apart from this, there are many other recipes for making Malpua that you can try during Holi. So let us know about 3 such special dishes.

Rabdi Malpua:

To make Rabdi Malpua, first, prepare the rabri. For this, boil milk, add dry fruits add cardamom powder, and cook. Then mix flour, semolina, and maida with dry fruits and sugar, add baking powder, and leave it to ferment. , Then put this batter in syrup and take it out. Then add rabri on Malpua and serve.

Bengali Malpua:

To make this Malpua, mix saffron, cardamom, fennel, semolina, and flour and keep aside. Put them in the mixer add milk and grind them. Then take a pan and add 1 cup sugar and water and cook. Prepare the syrup like this. Then take a pan and add oil to it, make Malpua in it, and filter it. Then dip it in syrup and garnish with dry fruits.

Banana Malpua:

To make banana Malpua, prepare the solution of Malpua add banana to it, and grind it. Then prepare it. Now take out the Malpua and dip it in syrup, then garnish it with dry fruits and serve. You can try this Malpua recipe this Holi. It is not very difficult and you can make it at home and eat it anytime.