Recipe Tips: You can make this delicious thing from leftover rice, your heart will be happy after tasting it!


Today we are going to tell you how to make a very tasty dish from the leftover rice from the night. You can make delicious pakodas with these. You can enhance their taste with many things.

Ingredients: Rice – four cups (leftover from night), gram flour – eight cups, grated ginger – two teaspoons, coriander powder – two teaspoons, turmeric powder – two teaspoons, red chilli powder – two teaspoons, asafoetida – four pinches, Onion - four finely chopped, green chilli - four finely chopped, celery - two teaspoons, green coriander - two cups finely chopped, roasted cumin powder - two teaspoons, salt - as per taste, oil - as required.

Easy way to make this:

Mash rice in a vessel and add all the remaining ingredients to it and make a batter.

Now heat oil in the pan.

When the oil is hot, fry the pakodas with batter in it.

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