Recipe Tips: You can also make cold coffee at home for everyone


The trend of cold coffee is very high at this time and people also like it. In such a situation, if you also want to drink cold coffee at home, then let us tell you that you can make it at home. So let's know its recipe. 


  • 2 spoons- Coffee powder
  • 3 spoons- Sugar
  • 3 cups- Milk
  • Pinch- Chocolate powder


First of all, add coffee powder and sugar in a cup and mix well and then add a little hot milk to it and beat for 5 more minutes. By then this paste will become completely smooth. When foam starts forming, stop beating it and keep it in the fridge. Pour the cold milk in a coffee cup and beat it in the mixer. After that add chocolate powder on top and drink. You can add ice to cool it down.