Recipe Tips: Water chestnut flour barfi is very tasty, make it this way


Necessary ingredients:

  • Water chestnut flour - one cup
  • Ghee - four spoons
  • Lemon juice - one spoon
  • Green coriander - two spoons
  • Curd - two cups
  • Green chilies - four big pieces
  • Rock salt - as per taste

Make it like this:

Half in a bowl Heat ghee and fry water chestnut flour in it.

Now take out the flour on a plate.

Make a slurry by mixing water and curd well in a vessel. Add green chilies to it as well.

Now heat the remaining ghee in the pan and add green chilies to it.

Add curd solution to this and let it boil.

Now add roasted flour, rock salt, plain salt, and lemon juice and cook it for ten minutes.

Now spread this mixture on a plate.

When it cools down, cut it into the shape of a barfi.