Recipe Tips: This is an easy method of making Rumali Roti, definitely add these things


Essential Ingredients:

Wheat flour - three cups

all-purpose flour - one and a half cup

salt - as per taste

Oil - as required

You can make it like this: 

Mix flour, plain flour, salt and spoon of oil well in a vessel and knead it by adding water.

Now cover the dough with a wet cloth for half an hour. 

Now prepare small balls of this flour. 

Now heat the pan. 

Take two balls of dough and roll them well like small puris and apply ghee on them. 

Now apply flour and roll both of them together like roti. 

Bake this roti thoroughly on a pan on low flame. 

Now separate both the rotis.

In this way your Rumali Roti is made. 

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