Recipe Tips: Taste Makhana Khichdi during the Navratri fast, and make it delicious with these things


Many types of nutritional elements are found in Makhana. For this reason, they are very beneficial for our health. They can be consumed in many ways. These can be consumed even during fasting. Today we are going to tell you the method of making Makhana Khichdi at home, whose taste will win your heart. This khichdi, rich in nutrients, is very much liked. Makhana is a dry fruit which is full of qualities. You Makhana Khichdi is rich in fibre. 

Required Ingredients: 

Makhana - four bowls

Potatoes - two

Green chillies - four

Desi ghee - one teaspoon

Lemon juice - two teaspoons

Salt - as per taste

Coriander - two tablespoons

Black pepper powder - one teaspoon


This is the method of preparation: 

First of all, you have to finely chop potatoes, green chillies and green coriander in a vessel. 

Cut the Makhana into small pieces also. 

Now put desi ghee in the pressure cooker and heat it. After this, cook finely chopped potatoes and green chillies in it. 

Now add makhana, black pepper powder and salt as per taste in the pressure cooker. 

Now add some water and cook it till 4-5 whistles. 

Now take out the Makhana Khichdi in a vessel and add lemon juice to it. 

Now add green coriander to this khichdi. 

In this way, your delicious Makhana Khichdi is prepared. 

You will like its taste very much.

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