Recipe Tips: Taste Kesar Kulfi in the summer season, these things enhance the taste.



  • Eight cups milk
  • Four cups of condensed milk
  • Eight tablespoons almonds 
  • Four tablespoons cashew nuts
  • Ten cardamoms 
  • Eight tablespoons of corn flour
  • Four teaspoons of cardamom powder
  • Forty saffron sticks

This is the method of preparation: 

First of all, heat milk in a pan and add condensed milk to it. 

Now while stirring it, add crushed cardamom to it. 

Now add cashews and almonds and cook. 

Add cardamom powder, saffron and corn flour in one spoon of milk and mix it in milk. 

Now cook it until it thickens. 

Now cool it put it in kulfi molds and keep it in the freezer for ten hours. 

In this way, your kulfi is made. 

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