Recipe Tips: Marwari Kadhi is very tasty, make it this way


Required ingredients:

- One and a half tablespoon gram flour

- One cup of thick curd

- Half teaspoon mustard

- Two red chili

- Two teaspoon of ghee

- One cup of water

- Half a tablespoon turmeric

- Four pinch salt

- Two pinch asafoetida

- Two bay leaves

- One teaspoon of red chili paste

Here is the method:

First of all mix water, gram flour, and curd in a vessel.

Now add salt and turmeric to this solution and filter it with a sieve.

Now cook the solution in a pan till it starts boiling.

Now heat ghee in a pan and add asafoetida, bay leaf, mustard, and red chilies to it.

Now add red chili paste to it and after half a minute add curd-gram flour solution to it.

After a minute your curry is ready.

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