Recipe Tips: Make Navratri Special Dry Fruits Namkeen at home, this is an easy method


This time Navratri is going to start on 22 March. Many people keep fast during Navratri. During this he consumes fruits. Today we are going to tell you how to make dry fruit namkeen, which is very beneficial for health.

Required ingredients:

Makhane - Eight cups

Cashews - One cup

Black pepper powder - One teaspoon


Almonds - One cup

Raisins - One cup

Rock salt - Two teaspoons

You make it in this way:

First of all heat the ghee and fry the butter. Now take them out on a dry plate.

Now roast cashews and almonds in ghee as well.

Now mix cashews, almonds, and makhana on a plate.

Now add raisins, black pepper, and rock salt to it and mix.

In this way your Navratri special dry fruits namkeen becomes.