Recipe Tips: Make delicious yellow rice on the occasion of Basant Panchami, this is the method


Ingredients required:

  • Basmati rice - two cups
  • Saffron milk - one teaspoon
  • milk - one cup
  • sugar - six cups
  • cashew nuts - thirty (chopped)
  • cardamoms - ten (ground) 
  • cloves - ten
  • ghee - four tablespoons
  • water - six cups
  • green cardamoms - Six
  • coconut husks – one small bowl
  • Almonds – twenty (chopped)
  • Raisins – 8 to 10

You can prepare it in this way:

Soak the rice in water for an hour.

Now take out the rice from water and spread it on a plate.

Now heat water in a pressure cooker, add rice, saffron milk, ghee and sugar and cook for 2 whistles.

Now after the ghee in the pan is heated, add cloves, cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom powder and coconut into it.

Now mix cooked rice, raisins and cardamom and all the ingredients in a pan and cook for two minutes.

This is how your sweet rice is prepared.


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