Recipe Tips: Make Creamy Mushroom Soup on the weekend, it is very tasty


Required ingredients:

Mushrooms - Eight hundred grams

Cream - Eight tablespoons

Lemon - Four

cornflour - Eight tablespoons

Salt - Four teaspoons

Butter - Four tablespoons

Green coriander - Eight tablespoons Black

pepper Freshly ground - One teaspoon

Ginger paste - Two small spoon

Here is the easy method of making Creamy Mushroom Soup:

First of all add butter in a pan and fry ginger in it.

After this, put mushrooms, salt, black pepper in the pan and cook for five minutes.

Now cool it and grind it coarsely in the mixie.

Now mix it with water and boil it in a pan.

Now mix the cornflour dissolved in water in the soup.

After boiling for five minutes, add lemon juice and green coriander to it.

Now the delicious mushroom soup is ready.

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