Recipe Tips: If you have not eaten almond kheer till date then try it this time.


Everyone likes sweet food, in such a situation, if any guest comes to your house and you want to make something sweet for them, then today we are telling you the recipe of making almond kheer. So know the recipe of Almond Kheer. 


Almonds - 100 grams

Milk - 1 liter

Saffron - 2 spoons

Desi Ghee - 2 spoons

Cardamom powder - 1 spoon

Sugar - as required


To make almond kheer, you have to first put almonds in a bowl and then soak these almonds in hot water for at least 20 minutes. After this, take out the almonds and put them in the mixer and blend them. Prepare paste from blended almonds. After this, fry them well in ghee. Once the paste is fried well, add milk to it and let it heat. After this, add cardamom powder, sugar and saffron and your kheer is ready.