Recipe Tips: Have you tasted Chironji Dal? It is very tasty, make it in this way


Essential Ingredients:

Chironji soaked in water for two hours - Two cups

Ghee - Four tablespoons

Curd - Four tablespoons

Bottle gourd - Two cups

Cumin - Two teaspoons

Green cardamom - Five

Salt - Four teaspoons

Chili powder - One teaspoon

Green chili - Four

coriander powder - Two tablespoons

Make it in this way:

First of all, prepare a paste by removing the peel of chironji.

Heat ghee in a pan and lightly fry cumin and cardamom in it.

Now fry the bottle gourd in it for five minutes.

Now cook curd in it for two minutes.

When the oil separates, add coriander powder, salt, chili powder, green chili, chironji paste, and water as required and let it boil.

In this way, your chironji dal is made.