Recipe Tips: Gulab Jamun is a very tasty sweet, make it at home with this method.


Required Ingredients:

- Sugar syrup

- Two cups of milk powder

- Eight tablespoons of flour

- A pinch of baking soda 

- Two tablespoons of ghee 

- Two tablespoons of curd 

- Two tablespoons of semolina 

- Ten tablespoons of milk 

- Ghee for frying 

- Dry fruits

You can prepare it in this way:

Mix flour, milk powder, semolina and baking soda in a vessel.

Now prepare the dough by mixing ghee, curd and milk in it.

Now make small balls of it and fry them in ghee until they turn golden.

Now put them in syrup.

After this you can taste them by garnishing them with dry fruits.

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