Recipe Tips: Everyone will like the taste of Masala Mathri


Required ingredients:

- Six cups all purpose flour

- One and a half cup flour

- Three tsp black pepper powder

- Three tsp cumin

- Three tsp coriander powder

- Three tsp fennel

- Asafoetida as per taste

- Salt as per taste

- Six tsp ghee

- Three tsp kasoori methi

This is the easy way to make it: 

First of all, put all purpose flour and flour in a utensil and mix salt, kasuri fenugreek, black pepper powder, fennel, coriander powder, asafoetida and ghee in it. 

Now knead this mixture with lukewarm water. 

After this, mark the entire vine with a fork in its middle. 

Now deep fry them in oil.

In this way your delicious masala mathri is made.