Recipe Tips: Enjoy the taste of Badam Khus Khus Thandai in summer, this is the easy way to make it


Essential ingredients:

- Hundred grams of poppy seeds

- Fifty grams of melon-watermelon seeds

- Two small bowls of almonds

- Four spoons of sugar

- Two bowls of water

- Small cardamom

- Two small bowls of whole black pepper

- Four hundred ml of rose water

- Four small spoons of kewra Water

- 40 grams rose petals

Make it like this:

First of all, soak almond kernels and watermelon-melon seeds separately in water overnight.

Now peel off the almonds and grind them in a mixie.

Now put all the ingredients in it and grind them in the mixer.

Make a syrup of one string of sugar.

Now boil the mixture of sugar syrup and spices for 15 minutes.

Now cool this mixture and filter it. Add kewra water, rose water to it.

In this way, almond poppy seed cold is easily made.

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