Recipe- This sugar-free Gujiya is perfect for diabetic patients, note the recipe!


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Festivals are a difficult time for diabetic patients. Because they cannot consume sweet things due to sugar. In such a situation, diabetic patients are not able to enjoy the festival fully. But today we will learn about a sugar-free recipe of Gujiya. We have brought you the recipe for making sugar-free gujiya. Let us see how you can make it.

Gujiya recipe for diabetic patients



Flour Dates

Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios

Fox Nuts (Makhana)

Sweet Soda


Cardamom and Cinnamon Powder


-Start by roasting almonds, cashews, pistachios and fox nuts. Grind them coarsely.

-Peel the dates, grind them and make a paste.

- Heat ghee in a pan and add the mixture of dry fruits and dates. Stir well.

-Add cardamom and cinnamon powder to the mixture, making sure everything is mixed well. Take out this stuffing in a plate.

- Mix some ghee and baking soda in multigrain flour. Knead it into a dough like normal wheat flour.

-Roll small balls of dough into flat circles like puri.

-Place the rolled dough in the Gujiya mould, fill the prepared stuffing in it and seal the edges.

- Deep fry the Gujhiya in ghee or oil.

-But, the healthiest way is to cook it in an air fryer.

So, this Holi you can make these Gujiyas at home and eat them comfortably. This will not be harmful to your health. Apart from this, this Gujiya is also beneficial for those who are not diabetic.