Recipe:- Sweet chutney will enhance the taste of chaat pakoda or dahi vada, make it by following this recipe!


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On Holi, people make different types of things at home. During this time, chaat, pagodas, and curd vadas are made in abundance. Sweet chutney enhances the taste of all these dishes. But people do not know about its recipe so they use sauce. But today we have brought for you a recipe to make sweet chutney at home.

How to make sweet chutney:








Red chili powder ,

Chaat masala

Mango powder,


Method of making sweet chutney:

-To make sweet chutney, first take a saucepan and boil tamarind in hot water. After boiling, filter the tamarind pulp.

-After this, put the tamarind pulp in a blender and grind it.

-Then, filter it again to remove any residue.

Now take a saucepan and add some oil into it.

-Add fennel, cumin, and asafoetida in hot oil.

-Then, add tamarind pulp to the pan.

-Stir well and add jaggery, salt, black salt, sugar, dry mango powder and chaat masala.

-Finally, add finely ground red chili powder or chili powder.

-Cook everything until it thickens to the desired consistency.

-Your sweet chutney is now ready! You can serve it with Dahi Vada or enjoy it with chaat, samosa, or pakoda. It will taste very tasty with all these things.