Recipe- Raw mango panna tastes amazing, make it with this recipe!


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The most delicious and nutritious drink in the summer season is raw mango panna. Making raw mango paste also protects from heatstroke. You can drink Aam Panna as a beverage or eat it with food. Today we have brought this recipe for you.

Method to make Aam Panna:

-First of all, wash 3-4 medium-sized raw mangoes and boil them with some water in a pressure cooker.

-Boil the mangoes only until they become soft because boiling them too much can cause them to burst.

Now open the pressure cooker and let the mangoes cool down. If you want, you can also use water to cool them.

-After this, take a blender jar and add 5-6 tablespoons of sugar in it and blend it.

Now take fresh mint leaves and chop them finely. Also, take roasted cumin and black salt.

-When the mangoes cool down, remove their peel and pulp with your hands.

-Take out the pulp on the kernels with the help of a spoon and stir it lightly with a churner or mustard.

Now add water as per your choice to the pulp and then add powdered sugar, salt, roasted cumin powder and crushed mint.

-If you want, you can also add some black pepper or red chilli powder.

- Now add ice cubes to the mango panna and serve it chilled.

-You can store it for a week by diluting it and filling it in a bottle.