Recipe: Rajasthan's famous Nagauri Dal Tadka is very easy to make, the taste will leave you licking your fingers!


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There are many famous dishes in Rajasthan, that people love to eat. Nagauri Dal Tadka is also included in this list, whose taste remains in people's tongues for a long time. If you want to make something special for dinner, then make Nagauri Dal Tadka quickly without much effort. It tastes great with rice, roti, or paranthas. Learn the easy recipe to make Nagauri Dal Tadka.

Ingredients for making Nagauri Dal Tadka:

- 1 bowl masoor dal

- 1/2 bowl moong dal

- 2 onions finely chopped

- coriander

- dry red chili

- kasuri methi

- 1 tsp dried mango powder - 1

tsp fennel

- Kashmiri red chili

- 1 tsp turmeric

- 1 tsp cumin

- salt as per taste

- two cups of water

How to make Nagauri Dal Tadka

To make this special Dal Tadka, first, wash the lentils and moong dal thoroughly and soak them for half an hour. Then filter the water of both the soaked pulses and put them in the pressure cooker. Add two bowls of water, salt, and turmeric to it. Pour some oil and close the cooker. Turn off the gas after two to three whistles.

Apply tadka like this

Take a pan or a pan to make tadka. Add oil and heat it. When the oil is hot, splutter cumin seeds. Also, add cumin and red chilies. Add asafoetida and finely chopped onions. Fry well till it turns golden. When the onion starts to turn golden, add finely chopped coriander, green chilies, Kashmiri red chilies, and kasuri methi. Add dry mango powder along with it and mix. Now add this tempering to the cooked dal and mix well. Your delicious Nagauri Dal Tadka is ready. Serve hot with rice, roti, or paranthas.