Recipe of the Day: Spinach corn cutlets are very tasty, prepare them with this method


Ingredients required: 

- 4 cups spinach 

- 2 cups boiled corn

- 4 tbsp all purpose flour

- 2 inch piece ginger 

- half tsp red chili powder

- 2 cups bread crumbs

- 4 boiled potatoes

- 6 three green chilies 

- salt 

- oil 

This is the easy way to make it: 

First of all prepare the solution by mixing salt and water in flour in a utensil. 

Now you have to fry the spinach in oil. 

Now prepare a mixture of potatoes, roasted spinach, boiled corn, green chillies, ginger, red chilli powder and salt in a big pot. 

Now prepare its cutlets, dip them in flour batter, wrap them on bread crumbs and deep fry them in oil. 

In this way, delicious spinach corn cutlets are prepared.